Glass Partition Wall

Aluminum and Glass Partition

The glass partition wall, whether single or double glazed, serves as more than just a decorative element. It offers an economical solution for your working environment. 

This unique system enables the horizontal installation of glass panes in areas where the entrance is too narrow for larger glass panels. 

By utilizing aluminum profiles, you can achieve the aesthetic of a custom steel partition at a much lower cost and with a simpler installation process. This design seamlessly complements modern and industrial office designs.

1-Wall Systems:

 1-Wall systems are characterized by their minimalistic design, offering a clean and contemporary appearance ideal for modern office spaces. They are cost-effective and easy to install due to their straightforward design. While providing basic sound insulation suitable for general office environments, these partitions are also highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changing space requirements.

2-Wall Systems:

 2-Wall systems feature enhanced sound insulation due to the double glass layers, making them suitable for spaces requiring more privacy. The additional glass layer provides greater structural integrity and improved thermal insulation, helping to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. These partitions offer more aesthetic options, including frosted or tinted glass, and can incorporate blinds or shades between the glass panels for increased privacy.

3-Wall Systems:

3-Wall systems offer superior soundproofing with their triple glass layers, making them ideal for conference rooms and executive offices. They provide optimal thermal insulation, enhancing energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer. The robust construction ensures exceptional durability and longevity, while extensive design options, including various types of glass and framing finishes, allow for high customization. These partitions are excellent for areas requiring strict confidentiality, such as meeting rooms or private offices.

Multi-wall Systems:
Multi-Wall systems provide exceptional acoustic control, suitable for environments requiring complete silence, like recording studios. They offer advanced thermal management, ensuring optimal energy efficiency, and are designed for high-traffic areas, offering maximum durability. With comprehensive customization options, including integrated lighting and smart glass, these partitions also provide enhanced privacy and security, making them ideal for high-security environments.

Description & Specifications

Swing Door:

Our door assembly includes:

1. Aluminum Frame: High-quality, durable aluminum frame for structural support and a modern appearance.

2. Glass Panel: Clear or frosted glass for visibility and privacy, available in various thicknesses.

3. Hinges: Sturdy hinges to allow smooth swinging motion of the door.

4. Door Handle: Ergonomic handle design for easy opening and closing.

5. Locking Mechanism: Secure locking system to ensure safety and privacy.

6. Seal Strips: Rubber or silicone strips to prevent drafts and provide sound insulation.

7. Threshold: Optional floor threshold for added stability and to prevent dust and drafts.

Swing Door with Sidelights:

Our door assembly includes:

1. Aluminum Frame with Sidelights: Robust aluminum frame featuring sidelights on one or both sides for added natural light and an expansive feel.

2. Glass Panels for Door and Sidelights: Clear or frosted glass for both the door and sidelights, customizable in thickness and type.

3. Hinges: Durable hinges to facilitate smooth door operation.

4. Door Handle: Convenient and stylish handle for easy access.

5. Locking Mechanism: Reliable locking system for security and privacy.

6. Seal Strips: High-quality sealing strips to prevent drafts and enhance soundproofing.

Double Swing Door

Our door assembly includes:

1. Aluminum Frame: Sturdy aluminum frame designed to support double doors.

2. Glass Panels: Clear or frosted glass for both doors, with options for different thicknesses.

3. Hinges: Heavy-duty hinges to ensure smooth and synchronized movement of both doors.

4. Door Handles: Matching handles on both doors for ease of use.

5. Locking Mechanism: Secure and easy-to-operate locking system.

6. Seal Strips: Effective sealing strips to block drafts and enhance sound insulation.

7. Threshold: Optional threshold for additional stability and to keep out dust and drafts.


Push Handset for Doors (DoorHandle, Screw Cover, Screws)

Replacement Door Hinges with Fasteners. Stainless Steel with Electrostatic Paint

Automatic door closer

Replacement Door Lock

System Configuration

Clear Anodized

Black Painted / Matted

White Painted

Typical Details

Frame Metal’s interior office system is an easy-to-install solution.

Single-Glazed System

Double-Glazed System

Door Profile

90 Corner Aluminum Profile

End Cap

T-Bracket Connection Single Glazed System

T-Bracket Connection Double Glazed System

Framing to create any design

Our extruded aluminum profiles ensure sturdy construction and create attractive accents for your office solution. Whatever the dimensions of your facility, our glass partition systems offer space efficiency with a sleek and versatile design.

Glass Options

Single glazing: Single glazing options include 1/4” and 3/8” thick glass. These options are ideal for areas where sound insulation is not a primary concern but where visibility and light transmission are important. Single glazing provides a cost-effective solution with a minimalistic aesthetic.

Double Glazing: For better sound insulation and enhanced thermal performance, double glazing with 1/4” glass is available. Double glazing consists of two layers of glass separated by a spacer, creating an insulating air gap. This option is perfect for environments that require additional privacy and energy efficiency while still allowing natural light to flow through.

Aluminium Glass Partitions

Frame Metal Glass aluminum partition systems offer a practical, durable, and modern design solution. They are highly favored for their diverse design options, excellent sound insulation, and top-quality hardware.

Our easy-to-install, transparent office glass walls are in high demand, enabling seamless renovation projects. Installation is quick and the system is adaptable to fit tricky spaces. In our aluminum systems, the main load-bearing elements are external walls, making them ideal for areas with open ceilings. These glass walls effectively divide interior spaces into functional zones without sacrificing space or obstructing light flow.

Our aluminum profiles, manufactured in China, possess qualities highly valued by buyers for both office and home partitions:**

- Increased wall thickness

- Rigid structure

- Superior heat and sound insulation

- Easy installation, use, and maintenance

- Modern appearance

- Various glass installation options

The aluminum profiles are available in several finishes, including glossy and matte black, white, and satin anodized. The profile's design allows glass installation on both sides of the frame, doubling the sound insulation rate. These flexible yet durable glass systems are perfect for high-end commercial spaces, as they align with the popular loft-style trend by enabling a sectioned look.

Office glass partitions blend division and connection. Transparent glass fosters open communication, allowing natural light to flow and inspiring an atmosphere of innovation. Striking a balance between privacy and connection, it shapes a collaborative workspace. Its modern design conveys professionalism, while its adaptability accommodates changing needs, infusing vitality and sustaining development into the office environment.

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