Aluminum Glass Swing Door

Aluminum Glass Swing Door, including the single swing and double glass door, is located both indoors and outdoors, as part of the entrance group. 

This type of door is well-suited for residential and commercial projects, and can also be used as an effective interior space divider.

The aluminum hinged door comes with rebates, ensuring it offers excellent sound insulation when paired with double glazing. 

External structures are made using either a broader "cold" or "warm" profile, depending on their intended use. 

Glazing options include single/double-glazed windows with triplex, tempered, or damp glass. The structure is constructed using different profile systems.

Types of Aluminum Doors

Doors serve both indoor and outdoor purposes. Indoors, they're found in offices, study areas, meeting rooms, and as partitions, while outdoor doors function as entry points.

The choice of door design depends on its intended use, the opening size, and aesthetic preferences.

Office door designs typically feature thinner double or single glazed profiles. For entrance doors, aluminum swing doors made from profiles with thermal breaks are commonly installed.

Tempered glass is used for filling and glass sheets, offering significantly higher strength and safety compared to regular materials.

To enhance the design, various techniques are employed:

* Bulk toning or film application

* Whitening

* Matting through sandblasting or chemical etching to create decorative effects on the glass.

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Packing Detail of the Aluminum Glass Swing Door

Customized Packaging and Labeling: Our aluminum glass swing doors are packaged and labeled according to regulations and specific customer requirements.

Each package is carefully designed to meet standards and reflect individual customer needs.

Handle with Care During Storage and Transportation: Special attention is given to the handling of products during storage or transportation to prevent any potential damage. 

Our team ensures cautious handling to maintain product integrity throughout the process.

Standard Export Packaging: All products undergo standard export packaging procedures, which typically involve the use of plastic film or kraft paper for protection.

These materials shield the products from external elements during transit.

Wooden Crates or Pallets for Added Protection: To further safeguard the products during transportation, we employ sturdy wooden crates or pallets.

These structures provide an extra layer of protection, minimizing the risk of damage while in transit.

Clear Labeling for Identification and Quality: Clear and comprehensive labeling is applied to the exterior of the packaging.

This labeling includes crucial information for easy identification of products and provides details regarding their quality, ensuring clarity for both handlers and recipients.

Why Choose Our Aluminium Glass Doors

Slimmer Design, More Light Less Shadow: These doors and windows feature a sleek, modern design that allows more natural light to flood into your space. 

The slim profile minimizes shadows, giving your rooms a brighter and more spacious feel.

Panels Configuration for Versatile Use: Panels connected together in a line, can be hinged off both side jambs to meet in a number of ways.

 When open, panels remain 90 degrees to open.

Provides a 100% Watertight House: Our doors and windows are expertly designed and installed to ensure a watertight seal, 

offering protection against leaks and keeping your home safe and dry even during heavy rainfall or adverse weather conditions.

Slimmer Frame, yet Stronger than Ever: Despite their slender appearance, these products are engineered to be incredibly durable. 

The slim frame doesn't compromise on strength, ensuring your doors and windows provide long-lasting security and stability for your home.

Maximize Sound Dampening without Extra Cost: Enjoy peace and quiet inside your home with our doors and windows that maximize sound dampening. 

You won't need to invest in additional soundproofing measures, as these products are designed to minimize outside noise without added expense.

The bottom sliding system has strong carrying capacity: The carrying capacity of the glide system in the bottom can reach 180KG, it is smooth, steady, and noiseless when folding the door.

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