95 series Aluminum alloy swing door

Product Parameters

Wall thickness2.2 mm
Fan structure depth105 mm
Insulation strip width54 mm
Depth of outer frame structure95mm
Suitable glass thickness47mm

Selected Quality, Only in the 95 Thermal Insulated Aluminum Alloy French Door!

The 95 Thermal Insulated Aluminum Alloy French Door brings a brand-new enclosed insulation experience to your living space with its exceptional performance and exquisite craftsmanship. The unique design concept is evident in every detail, offering you exceptional comfort and unparalleled energy-saving effects.

Impeccable sealing technology ensures that cold and hot air convection is kept at bay. The junction of the door frame and door leaf is sealed with high-quality closed-cell EPDM foam strips on all four sides, combined with a multi-chamber triple-sealing system and flexible connection design. This ingeniously reduces energy loss caused by convection at the opening, maintaining a warm indoor environment.

Carefully planned insulation structure achieves outstanding thermal insulation effects. The door frame and door leaf feature an isothermal line design, with insulated chambers and the edges of the glass filled with premium low thermal conductivity insulation materials, effectively isolating cold and hot air convection. The integration of the 54mm C/CG-type insulating strip and high-quality energy-efficient glass creates the perfect combination, elevating the thermal insulation performance of the entire door to the utmost level. The whole-door U-value ranges from 0.9 to 1.1 W/(m²•K), making a solid contribution to energy conservation.

The 95 Thermal Insulated Aluminum Alloy French Door is more than just a door; it symbolizes quality and warmth. Elevate your home to higher insulation and sealing standards, striking a perfect balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Choose 95 and embrace a future that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with heartfelt warmth!



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