70 series Aluminum alloy swing door

Product Parameters

Wall thickness2.0/2.2 mm
Fan structure depth80 mm
Insulation strip width30 mm
Frame visible surface width43/47/51mm
Width of visible surface of inner opening fan60/80mm
Suitable glass thickness36-42mm

The 70 series thermal break aluminum alloy swing door is an exceptional choice for your home living. With its outstanding thermal insulation performance, it effectively isolates indoor and outdoor temperature differences, keeping your living space consistently cozy. Even in harsh weather conditions, its remarkable resistance to wind pressure provides your home with a strong shield, ensuring stability and safety.

No matter the weather, the 70 series thermal break aluminum alloy swing door maintains excellent watertightness, preventing moisture penetration and ensuring your home stays dry and comfortable. Its precise airtight design creates a serene space disconnected from the outside world, allowing you to escape from noise and pressure.

The 70 series thermal break aluminum alloy swing door, with its exceptional thermal insulation, wind resistance, watertightness, and airtightness, creates a comfortable, secure, and tranquil living environment, adding a touch of serenity and quality to modern homes.



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