Integrated Mesh Casement Window

Integrated Aluminum Mesh Casement Window

The Integrated Mesh Casement Window combines an Aluminum Casement Window with a specialized high-security mesh, distinct from standard insect screens. Utilizing premium impact-resistant stainless steel woven into a high-density mesh, it fortifies home protection. Key features include heat insulation, soundproofing, anti-theft capabilities, airtightness, insect and dust-proofing, invisibility, and decorative qualities. It boasts high-quality, secure concealed hinges and premium aluminum die-cast multi-point handles. This full set of casement windows and security screens offers a high-quality finish.

Product Parameters

Wall thickness1.4/1.8mm
Depth of outer frame structure64/65/75/80mm
Fan structure depth74/75mm
Insulation strip width24/25.3mm
Frame visible surface width22/26/28/30/38/46mm
Suitable glass thickness24-39mm
Design typeStandard window
Enable functionInner window/Outer window/Inner inverted window
Wind pressure resistance performance GB/T7106Level 9 5Kpa
Air tightness performance GB/7106Level 8 0.5m³(m•h)
Water tightness performance GB/7106Level 6 700Pa
thermal insulating property GB/T84842.0-1.8W(㎡•k)
Sound insulation performance GB/8485Level 3



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