91-95 Series Casement Aluminum Windows

91-95 Series Passive Thermal Insulation Aluminum Alloy Casement Windows

91-95 series Casement aluminum windows: excellent thermal insulation performance

Feature of product:

The 91-95 series casement aluminum windows are a window that focuses on thermal insulation performance, designed to provide your building with excellent thermal insulation and a comfortable indoor environment. Using high-quality aluminum materials and advanced thermal insulation technology, this window series minimizes heat conduction while ensuring stability, effectively improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Key features:

- Wall thickness 1.8 mm: The thick design of the window frame ensures excellent structural strength and durability while effectively reducing heat loss.

- The depth of the outer frame structure is 91/95 mm, and the depth of the fan structure is 101/105 mm: The reasonably designed frame depth provides good sealing, effectively blocking the entry of hot and cold air from the outside.

- Insulation strip width 54 mm: The wide insulating strip reduces the conduction of heat and sound, creating a quiet and comfortable environment indoors.

- Visible surface width of window frame 38.6 mm: The window has a refined and elegant appearance while providing an additional layer of thermal insulation, enhancing the thermal insulation performance of the window.

- Suitable for glass thickness 39-47 mm: The window can accommodate glass of different thicknesses, providing more options to meet different thermal insulation needs.

Design type

The standard window design makes the 91-95 series casement aluminum windows suitable for both commercial buildings and residential environments. Whether it's cold winter or hot summer, this window can provide you with a long-lasting and comfortable indoor environment, bringing excellent thermal insulation performance and excellent energy efficiency performance to your building.

Product Parameters

Wall thickness1.8mm
Depth of outer frame structure91/95mm
Fan structure depth101/105mm
Insulation strip width54mm
Frame visible surface width38.6mm
Suitable glass thickness39-47mm
Design typeStandard window
Enable functionInner window/Outer window/Inner inverted window
Wind pressure resistance performance GB/T7106Level 9 5Kpa
Air tightness performance GB/7106Level 8 0.3m³(m•h)
Water tightness performanceGB/7106Level 6 700Pa
thermal insulating propertyGB/T84841.1-0.9W(㎡•k)
Sound insulation performanceGB/8485Level 4



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