70-75 Series Insulated Aluminum Windows

Product Parameters

Wall thickness1.4/1.8mm
Depth of outer frame structure70/75mm
Fan structure depth80/85mm
Insulation strip width30/35.3/35mm
Frame visible surface width28/30/38/46mm
Suitable glass thickness33-43mm
Design typeStandard window
Enable functionInner window/Outer window/Inner inverted window
Wind pressure resistance performance GB/T7106Level 9 5Kpa
Air tightness performance GB/7106Level 7 0.42m³(m•h)
Water tightness performanceGB/7106Level 6 700Pa
thermal insulating propertyGB/T84841.8-1.3W(㎡•k)
Sound insulation performanceGB/8485Level 3

Introducing the 70/75 series thermal insulation aluminum alloy windows, providing superior insulation and wind resistance for your home. Made with high-quality aluminum, these windows have excellent durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. With their advanced thermal insulation technology, the 70/75 series windows keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing energy costs and increasing your comfort. Additionally, these windows have exceptional wind resistance, ensuring your home is protected even in the most extreme weather.



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