60 Series Thermally Improved Aluminum Casement Windows

The 60 series Thermally Improved Aluminum casement windows are customizable to your preferences and can be combined with other casements or operating styles for a striking look. 

These casement windows open outward with a side hinge, akin to a door. 

Made of high-quality aluminum with robust construction, they offer anti-theft, soundproofing, and thermal insulation. 

Their sleek design suits modern homes, delivering superior quality at a favorable price.

Whether it is for a new house or an old house renovation, the 60 series thermal break aluminum alloy casement windows are a reliable choice for you.

Parameters of 60 Series Aluminum Casement Windows

Wall thickness1.4/1.8mm
Depth of outer frame structure55/65mm
Fan structure depth65/70mm
Insulation strip width14.8/20mm
Frame visible surface width22/26/28/30/38/46mm
Suitable glass thickness16-33mm
Design typeStandard window
Enable functionInner window/Outer window/Inner inverted window
Wind pressure resistance performance GB/T7106Level 9 5Kpa
Air tightness performance GB/7106Level 7 0.8m³(m•h)
Water tightness performanceGB/7106Level 6 700Pa
thermal insulating propertyGB/T84842.8-2.0W(㎡•k)
Sound insulation performanceGB/8485Level 3

Design Options

Frame Colors: 

Interior Frame Color: Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized.

Exterior Frame Color:Clear Anodized, Bronze Anodized.

Between-the-glass grids

Grid Styles: Grids can vary in style, such as Flat Grid, Sculptured Grid, or custom designs.

Grid Patterns: We can create different patterns, like standard square patterns, elongated rectangles, or custom shapes, allowing for personalization.




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