Aluminum Sliding Commercial Windows

Best performance at a competitive price

Tianjin Frame Metal's slider windows are simple and versatile in design, offer excellent heat resistance and can be used in a variety of applications, including sliding, fixed and modular systems. These products are available in two frame depth options—50, 80, 90mm—and feature 1.4mm wall thickness for the main frame and sash. Our sliding windows are widely used in places such as schools, hospitals and apartments. They are equipped with steel self-lubricating rollers, US25D scanning locks and squeeze automatic door frame locks to ensure smooth operation of the windows. With four-sided fin sealing seals, double glazing options and optional integral blinds, you get great performance at a competitive price. Together, these features form the strength of the Tianjin Frame Metal window range, providing excellent functionality and value for money.

Features of Aluminum Sliding Commercial Windows

Human Impact Resistance: Designed to withstand impact from human activity, ensuring durability and longevity.

Hurricane Resistance: Built to withstand hurricane-force winds, offering structural integrity and safety during extreme weather conditions.

Noise Control: Engineered to reduce external noise infiltration, providing a quieter indoor environment.

Safety and Blast Resistance: Optional explosion-proof glass enhances safety and protects against explosions or safety threats.

Tornado Resistance: Engineered to resist the forces of tornadoes, providing additional safety measures in areas prone to tornado activity.

Window Wall: Designed as part of a larger window system, creating expansive views and maximizing natural light within commercial spaces.

Zero Sightline: Incorporates a design that minimizes or eliminates visible sightlines, providing a seamless and sleek aesthetic appearance.

Aluminum Sliding Commercial Windows

Faq about Aluminum Sliding Commercial Windows

1. Are Aluminum Sliding Windows Suitable for Commercial Spaces?

Yes, aluminum sliding windows are commonly used in commercial settings due to their durability, flexibility, and sleek design.

2. What Makes Aluminum Sliding Windows a Good Choice for Commercial Buildings?

These windows offer robustness, resistance to harsh weather conditions, noise control, and enhanced security features, making them ideal for commercial structures.

3. Can Aluminum Sliding Windows Resist Impact?

Yes, these windows are designed to withstand human impact, ensuring they remain intact and durable over time.

4. Do Aluminum Sliding Windows Provide Hurricane Resistance?

Absolutely. They are constructed to withstand hurricane-force winds, providing structural stability during extreme weather events.

5. How Effective Are They in Noise Control?

Aluminum sliding commercial windows are engineered to reduce external noise, creating a more peaceful indoor environment.

6. Do They Offer Safety and Blast Resistance?

Yes, these windows are often manufactured with materials that offer safety and blast resistance, ensuring security against potential threats.

7. Are Aluminum Sliding Windows Suitable for Areas Prone to Tornadoes?

They are designed to resist tornado forces, providing additional safety in regions susceptible to tornado activity.

8. What's Meant by "Window Wall" in Commercial Applications?

"Window Wall" refers to these windows being part of a larger window system, creating expansive views and maximizing natural light in commercial spaces.

9. What's the Significance of "ZERO SIGHTLINE" in Aluminum Sliding Windows?

"ZERO SIGHTLINE" means these windows are designed to minimize or eliminate visible sightlines, contributing to a seamless, sleek aesthetic appearance.

10. Are These Windows Customizable for Different Commercial Settings?

Yes, aluminum sliding windows can be customized in terms of size, design, and functionalities to suit various commercial building requirements.

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