What is a curtain wall system?

An Curtain Wall System is a non-structural systems of a building's facade, typically composed of aluminum frames with glass infill panels. It serves as a protective barrier against weather, noise, and air pollution while allowing natural light to enter the building. The system is commonly used in modern architecture to create a sleek, contemporary appearance and is suitable for various building types, including commercial, residential, and institutional buildings.

As a global leader in curtain wall systems manufacturing, Tianjin Frame Metal designs a comprehensive range of curtain wall systems, available in stick built, unitized, and cassette (carrier frame) system options with many site lines and mullion depths allowing you to control cost by selecting the ideal mullion depth for your opening size and design pressure requirements. Our curtain wall systems are also available with: interior, exterior or structural glazing options to suit your project needs. View our curtain wall product selection guide.

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