80 series Aluminum alloy swing door

Product Parameters

Wall thickness2.0/2.2 mm
Fan structure depth89 mm
Insulation strip width39/40 mm
Frame visible surface width43/47/51mm
Width of visible surface of inner opening fan80mm
Suitable glass thickness36-42mm

Combining advanced craftsmanship and premium materials, the 80 Series Aluminum Thermal Insulation Doors transcend traditional door designs and elevate insulation performance to unprecedented heights. Its exceptional insulation properties make winter warmth and summer coolness the norm, effectively reducing indoor temperature fluctuations and creating a consistently comfortable living environment.

Moreover, the 80 Series Doors excel in appearance and design. The exquisite exterior contours seamlessly blend with diverse decorative styles, showcasing both individuality and an elegant ambiance. Crafted from reinforced aluminum alloy, these doors not only offer remarkable durability but also ensure the security of your home.

The 80 Series Aluminum Thermal Insulation Doors are more than just doors; they epitomize both taste and functionality. Here, a door signifies not only the sanctuary of a home but also symbolizes your esteemed status. Let us unite in welcoming a more refined and comfortable tomorrow.



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