75 series Aluminum alloy swing door

Product Parameters

Wall thickness2.0/2.2 mm
Fan structure depth85 mm
Insulation strip width35/35.3 mm
Frame visible surface width43/47/51mm
Width of visible surface of inner opening fan60/80mm
Suitable glass thickness36-42mm

The 75 series thermal break aluminum alloy swing door injects exceptional refinement into your home living. It not only creates a cozy and warm indoor environment with its outstanding thermal insulation performance but also showcases extraordinary design and functionality in every detail.

This door boasts excellent thermal insulation performance, effectively isolating indoor and outdoor temperature differences, ensuring your home remains warm and comfortable throughout the year. Its unique design and high-quality aluminum alloy material excel in wind resistance, providing robust protection and ensuring your living space's security.

The 75 series thermal break aluminum alloy swing door not only offers remarkable thermal insulation performance but also excels in watertightness and airtightness. Rain or shine, it effectively prevents water and air infiltration, creating a comfortable and dry living space for you.

Through the 75 series thermal break aluminum alloy swing door, you can enjoy not only a high-quality living experience but also seamlessly integrate modern aesthetics and functionality into your home. This door creates a comfortable, secure, and high-quality living environment, making your moments at home truly wonderful.



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